Getting Ready

Are you ready?  “Ready for what?” you ask.  Ready for God to work. 

Fall is a time to get things ready. We get ready for harvest, we get our homes and cars ready for winter, we get ready for Thanksgiving. Then we start getting ready for Christmas. 

This fall at The Journey our Sunday morning sermon series will help you get ready for God to work.  We follow God and see how helped His people get ready to be freed from being saves in Israel and follow God all the way through His training for you and I to be ready for when Jesus Christ returns. 

Come get ready with us.  Sunday worship is each week at 8:45 or 11:00.  Each service is the same and both are family friendly. We are ready for you!!

Sermon schedule:

Oct 14 – Get Ready for Passover (Exodus)

Oct 21 – Get Ready for the New Land (Crossing Jordan)

Oct 28 – Get Ready to Return  (Nehemiah)

Nov 4 – Get Ready for the Messiah (the prophets)

Nov 11 – Get Ready for the Harvest (second coming)