Sensing God

Everyone wants to sense God.  People want to know He is real and present.

The Easter season gives us a great opportunity to sense God’s presence.  Starting March 4, our Sunday morning sermon series will be on Sensing God.  This series will lead us all the to Easter Sunday.  We will explore how we sense God with all 5 of our senses. 

Hearing God we talk about often, maybe you can even describe how you have felt touched by God’s presence in some way, but… tasting and smelling??  Yep, we will look at all five senses, even tasting and smelling.  Join us and follow along as we learn how to sense God in our daily lives.

March 4 – Tasting  (Holy Communion will be served)

March 11 – Touching

March 18 – Smelling

March 25 – Seeing (Palm Sunday)

April 1 – Hearing (Easter Sunday)