Disciple Making 45


The call of the church is no secret; Jesus tells us to make disciples. So, we are not only to become disciples, but we are to be disciple makers. At THE JOURNEY, we take Jesus’ call seriously.

As a church, we want to come alongside and equip each person to become a disciple maker, no matter where they are in their walk with Christ. Each Sunday from 10:00 – 10:45, THE JOURNEY offers training in how the followers of Christ can grow in their faith and become disciple makers. The class time is called, Disciple Making 45 (DM45).


DM45 looks like this:

Family Friendly Classes for all ages.

Kids: There are classes for Nursery – Elementary school age children. The classes include singing, activities and lessons about the basic content of the Bible. This helps children build the critical foundation needed to live a life with Christ.

Youth: For teens, middle school through high school, classes are taught that help them navigate this world as followers of Christ. They also learn that while living for Jesus they will impact others.

Adults: From young adults to seniors, we have classes not only training us in God’s Word for our daily walk, but also helping us see how we are asked by Christ to give what we learn to others.