Kids and COVID-19

Some thoughts to keep in mind as you influence children during these times.

  1. Be sure children see your faith in God!

  2. Acknowledge your concern in age appropriate manners.  Children do not need to know all adults know.  They cannot handle it. So, as you acknowledge concern keep it kid friendly.  Too much information can confusion and make things worse.

  3. Ask questions.  This lets you know what they are thinking.  Find out what concerns they have, rather than always talking about what concerns you.

  4. Monitor your news intake with kids present.  They do not need to hear it all the time. (Neither do adults!)  Take a break from the news.

  5. Talk through the change in circumstances.

  6. Routines have changed.  You need to establish new routines.  Children need structure. It is easy without school and everyone home to abandon structure.  This may not be the best path to take.

  7. Read God’s word together. Take advantage of the time in the home and have family devotions and prayer as part of your routine.

  8. Be sure they feel safe!! The mask they see in public may scare them.  Help them see it is just people caring enough to be safe.

  9. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know”, if you truly do not know.  Here is where you can establish a faith in God who does know!

  10. Isolation may cause them to act out.  If you stay calm this will help them be calm.  And when the time comes you do lose control, because it will happen…apologize.  Model forgiveness in both asking for forgiveness and extending forgiveness when necessary.

Pages more could be written, but let’s stop here for now.  I do not want to add to the overload of info we are all sifting through these days.  God bless you and lead the children well!!

Pastor Todd