Saving Lives

Each spring, The Journey does a fund raiser for one of our favorite partners, The Hope Center in Ft Wayne. We love the Baby Bottle fund collection.

Well, with the 2020 pandemic, onsite worship was not available during the time we normally have the Baby Bottle funding. But this ministry of saving the lives of the unborn is too important to miss. So we are doing the Baby Bottle fund raiser from now until the end of September.

There are several ways you can participate.

1. If you are able to be at the in-person services on Sundays you can pick up a baby bottle and use the baby bottle ‘bank’ to fill with your coins. If you are low on coins due to the coin shortage, fill the bottle with dollar bills instead. Bottles are to be returned by the last Sunday of September.

2. You can simply write a check to the church and note in your giving the amount you want to give to the Baby Bottle funding drive for the Hope Center.

3. For our online givers, or those who are still at-risk and not able to get out, you can give to the Hope Center an the church online giving page and make a note in the comments as to how much of your gift goes to The Hope Center.

Lives are at stake. During COVID-19 our society has lost lives as a result of the virus. But sadly, before the virus and after the virus many more lives have been lost and will be lost to abortion. Let’s support The Hope Center as they give couples the option of LIFE.