Stop Downsizing God

God is bigger than we think. That’s right. Even as awesome as we proclaim God is, we too often shrink God. We downsize His power and limit His actions. We question His love and make His love look like our own love.

What might happen in my life if I allow God to be as big as He really is?

Starting Sunday, September 20 we will start a four part series in our morning messages about out need to STOP DOWNSIZING GOD.

We will have the messages in-person and online. However, starting in late September we will start recording the messages as they are preached to the congregation. Currently the messages are prerecorded and posted Saturday evening. Starting September 27, the messages will be recorded on Sunday during worship and posted online following the message. We want to continue to offer our messages online during these times when some have more restrictions than others. This change is to better improve how we are presenting the message of the week to our online audience.

Here is the schedule of sermon topics for the series STOP DOWNSIZING GOD.

September 20 – God is So Much Bigger than Me

September 27 – God is Holy

October 4 – God’s Mercy is HUGE

October 11 – God’s Love is Bigger than I Imagined