Lesson from the Life of Abraham

Lewis & Clark. Eli Whitney. Neil Armstrong. Rosa Parks. People who forged ahead into the unknown. Their courage and accomplishments changed how people would see the world going forward. In the book of Genesis we run across such a man. Abraham. He was asked by God to have enough faith to venture into the unknown.

A new country. Leaving what was familiar. Trusting God for the next step. Courage in the face of opposition.

Starting in February, we will turn our attention to this pioneer of faith. We will look on Sundays into ways Abraham’s faith can guide us in our walk with Christ. Then on Wednesday evenings, in the adult Bible study we will look at the life and times behind the inspirational moments of Abraham’s life. We will look into the time in which he lived. His family dynamics. His personal struggles and triumphs.

Let’s walk together into the past to see what God has for us in the present.