Our Core Values

  • Driven by prayer

  • Guided by the example of Jesus Christ’s commitment to seek and save the lost

  • Expectation of the believer to grow in character and service to others

  • Present biblical principles in culturally relevant ways

  • Lovingly lead followers to grow in holiness and Christlikeness

  • To live authentic lives with God and others

  • To have relationships and ministries ruled by love and forgiveness

  • To be a community of joy and celebration

  • Committed to allow God to stretch our faith

  • Helping people discover God’s design for their lives and equip them to use their gifts for the kingdom

  • Commitment to regular study of God’s Word

  • God deserves our very best effort

Our Beliefs

As Free Methodists we have a great heritage and an exciting future. We continue to emphasize faithfulness to the biblical message, personal holiness, a deep devotion to Bible study, discipleship of believers and active concern for the poor and lost everywhere.

Characteristics of today’s Free Methodists’:

  • Devoted to Christ

  • Students of the Bible

  • Living holy lives

  • Worshiping

  • Witnessing

  • Generous

  • Global-minded

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