Prayer Guides

  1. Prayer Guide for the current national crisis of violence
  • May God heal the division in our country.
    • The healing for racial divisions.
    • The healing for political divisions.
  • May God give each of us wisdom in our role to stop the violence.
    • The wisdom when to speak and when not to speak.
    • The wisdom for what to say when we speak.
  • May God heal  those who have been victimized.
  • May those hurting find the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • Guide the world to God’s Word to find justice.
  • Help the believer to reflect Christ not division.
  • Guide our leaders to a path for healing.
    • Not just to stop the riots, but to stop the injustice that sparked the riots.
    • Give us leaders who are instruments of healing
  • Help us not allow our personal frustrations of what we see lead us into prejudicial thinking, but rather help us see all people as loved by Christ.

Never forget that Jesus died for the sins of all people!  All people need Jesus!

2. Prayer Guide for the needs during the Pandemic


  • During this time of isolation pray for those who are lonely.
  • Many of our teens have had life interrupted with no graduations or end of school year activities. Pray God would help them be encouraged.
  • Pray for the spiritual lives of your fellow church goers as we do not currently have the opportunity to be strengthen by being together.
  • Pray for the hundreds watching services online. Ask God to use this opportunity to grow the Church. Ask God to spark the hearts of the unchurched to seek a place of worship when restrictions are lifted.
  • Many are afraid of what is next, pray for God to give us all peace.
  • Ask God to guide us as a church in how we can meet the spiritual needs of our community and what role he has for you and your family. Pray for souls to be saved.


  • Lives have been lost. If you know a family who has lost a loved one pray for God’s comfort.
  • Pray for those you may know who are sick with the virus.
  • Many people have other physical needs that are not virus related, pray for them to have their needs met in this time of demand for medical assistance.
  • Pray for the health of our families who have not been infected. Ask God to continue to keep them well.
  • Pray for the endurance needed by our health care workers. Many are tired and some are getting sick. Ask God to cover them with His protection.
  • This time of isolation can stress our families. Pray for our kids and youth as they adjust to the physical limitations.


  • Hundreds in our community are without work at this time. Ask God to meet their needs and relieve their fears.
  • Many have lost needed income through investments for retirement. Ask God to cover their loss.
  • Some of out teens and college age adults have lost income needed for college. Ask God to provide.
  • The church and our partners have all lost income due to the crippled economy. Ask God to be our supplier so ministry can continue for His glory.


  • Pray for the president and Congress to be guided by God’s Spirit to make wise decisions for our country.
  • Pray for our state leadership to know how to best move forward.
  • Ask God to help our local leaders to know how to rebuild the activity of our community.
  • Pray for our Free Methodist leadership, and the leadership team of our church.
  • Families are the backbone of all community. Pray for God to help our young families who have to try to work from home, school from home and have limited options for getting out.


  • Some jobs will not be restarted. Pray for the ones whose job loss is not temporary. Ask God to open new doors going forward.
  • Our missionaries are also in crisis due to the global nature of this outbreak. Pray for them as they too face the same issues we face. Many face the same issues without the same access to resources we have. Pray for their needs to be met.
  • Future plans for some of our teens are now altered. ask God to show them a great new path.
  • Pray the reopening will be done with wisdom and without fear.
  • Pray for the current worship restrictions not to become obstacles for the future of God’s Church.
  • Ask God to bring revival. Souls need saved from sin.