September 2020

The Journey will continue to have video messages each Sunday online at our website and Facebook page. 

 The path for September is below.

What to expect when you attend worship

  • The mask order is still in place for Indiana through the month of September.  Therefore we will continue with the order of worship that includes less singing.

  • We will continue the modified worship times.

    • First service: 9:30 – 10:30

    • Second service: 11:00 – 12:00

The 30  minutes between services allows for the first service attenders to exit without the foyer being congested.  It also allows staff to clean the building between services.

  • Continue modified seating in the sanctuary to facilitate social distancing as best we can. For those coming out for the first time, we want to let you know the 9:30 service is less crowded than the 11:00 service.

  • Greeters will welcome you with a smile.

  • Bulletins on table as you enter.

  • Tithes and offering will be collected at tables as you enter or exit

  • Families are welcome at each service.

  • Children’s Church for the 11:00 service only for the month of September.

         Guidelines for Children’s Church 

  • Children will be in Children’s Church for the full hour. So, parents, please take your children directly to their room.

  • Children will only be dismissed from room when parent is present.

  • New age parameters will be 3 years old thru 2nd grade.

  • Activity packets are available for older children who stay in service. Packets can be picked up at the welcome desk.

Other current church activities

  • Youth Group is now Sunday evenings.

  • To limit time in the building we will not be having Disciple Making 45 (DM45) classes in August.

  • Bible Study Groups are slowly opening.  Check with you study leader to the status of your group.

A good principle to live by you when you are in public is…We are our brother and sister’s keeper! To be watchful for others we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: